Why is Music a Necessity?

The universal language. Nothing conveys emotion to the senses quite like music. Collections of frequencies literally envelope and stimulate the emotive centres of our brain through music, moving us beyond normal thought processes. Certain frequencies resonate with us in ways inexplicable by language, allowing music to change how we feel about ourselves and our surroundings in any situation. Alt Text

Feeling. I aim to engage students, audiences, and listeners in connecting to their emotions through musical stimuli, whether they are watching a film, playing a game, or learning, writing, or producing a song. Let me bring this thirst for emotional enterprise to any of your creative projects. Music has a place within any creative endeavour, whether it plays a primary, or secondary role. I ensure that my passion for music and the emotive self produce unique products that audiences consistently enjoy, and want to participate in. My passions for music and education also allow me to teach students with enthusiasm, emphasizing the importance of understanding the learning process, not just obtaining knowledge for the final result.

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Providing songs throughout all genres that are structurally complex, yet extremely catchy to your listeners.


Adding personal touches to your mixes. Conveying emotion to your listeners through unique music production.

Game Music

Creating energetic, solemn, and entertaining soundtracks for your new game. Whether music plays a primary or secondary role to your project, I will make sure its soundtrack gets noticed.


Having years of experience in music education, I provide my students with in-depth lesson plans that put importance not only on results, but the process, as well.


Your project’s soundtrack will engage viewers to contemplate the deeper meanings of your script by transporting them into the film. Whether a somber, action-packed, or silly scene, I will help you convey your emotions to the world.